Starting at 10:30 a.m. from the Festival Field, this event can either be a stroll along Gun Creek Road, or a frantic dash if your mom is the competitive type.  This event will start promptly after the Horse Patty Half Marathon, and is the perfect time with Mom around Mother's Day.  Mom/Child teams get special pricing.

Mile With Mom​tm - One Miler

Begins from the Royalton Festival Field this course travels 6.55 miles towards the Narrows, through the Gun Creek Tunnel, before returning along the same path.  This section of the course passes through some beautiful places in Eastern Kentucky, from hidden hollows to awe inspiring elevated rail road trestles converted for foot, bike and horse travel .

Starting from the Royalton Festival Field towards the location of the Tip Top Tunnel.  You will travel across many new features in the Dawkins Trail before returning to the Royalton Festival Field.  This section crosses through many beautiful farms and is a favorite area for people to walk their horses through, watch your step.  

Two Races - One Great Cause

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Horse Patty Half Marathon

Honey Suckle Half Marathon.

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Honeysuckle and Horse Patty

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